Real estate efficiency

Resolutely independent to maintain the authenticity of its customer relations, coccimmo® agency does everything possible to become your preferred contact whatever your real estate project.

Our first mission : advice, to give you the benefit of our experience in order to help you carry out this project, whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or manage your property.

Our goal : your satisfaction in the accomplishment of this project after having accompanied you in all its stages.

Buyers : are you looking to buy an apartment, a house, a villa, land or even a garage, parking lot or commercial premises? As true property hunters, our employees are able to present you with the best offers of the moment, including many exclusives, while striving to respect your selection criteria as best as possible.

Sellers : our market expertise will firstly provide you with valuable assistance in determining the selling price. Our modern and efficient tools combined with a more traditional methodology will then allow optimal development of your property.

Strategy and Marketing

The mandate is mandatory. It defines the terms of sale and the conditions of our remuneration, thus protecting you from any unpleasant surprises. It also allows us to be covered in the event of an accident during a visit!

The simple mandate gives you the possibility of entrusting your property for sale to several real estate agencies, however with the consequence of multiplying the number of contacts and its distribution on the same media. These disadvantages disappear with the exclusive mandate which may, however, raise the question of the choice of agency.

The multi-listed MLS mandate is the solution that gives you the advantages of the simple mandate and the exclusive mandate without their disadvantages. In fact, the details of your property are distributed to around 500 agencies that are members of the MLS, i.e. more than 2,100 advisors who will be able to offer it directly to their clients. However, we remain your sole contact in all phases of the sale. This type of mandate guarantees you maximum visibility and today constitutes the most effective solution for selling a property.

Membership in the MLS also allows us to give you exhaustive access to all properties exclusively with our partners.

Apimarket : our properties, all types of mandates combined, are also visible in more than 800 user agencies in France, and can thus be presented directly by nearly 3,000 negotiators to their clients with a view to inter-agency collaboration.

HD Photos and Videos : We take particular care in producing the shots to integrate into our communication: wide-angle lens, digitally reworked HD photos. We are also able to develop a filmed tour of your property which will then be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and integrated into our advertisements.

Internet distribution : presence on the main real estate portals such as SeLoger, Logic-immo or even Properties Le Figaro and real estate ad sites such as Leboncoin, without forgetting social networks

International : Our ads are translated into English and can also be distributed on nearly 100 major international portals to benefit from optimal referencing abroad. We also maintain close relationships with Scandinavian, Russian, Italian and Anglo-Saxon foreign correspondents.

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